• Function analysis;
  • With the back end team, develops programs according to function analysis;
  • Creates test plans with QA team;
  • Executes application tests with QA team;
  • Delivers projects and validates them, with the relevant team members;
  • Insures final functionality transfer during initial implementation and during major program changes;



  • College diploma in computer science or equivalence
  • Experience in « front end Web » design/programming
  • Experience in responsive development
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good stress and tight schedule management and skills
  • Priority management and organisation skills.
  • Ability to work in teams with multiple collaborators
  • Good mastery of French and English (written and spoken)



  • ​HTML
  • CSS (ou LESS ou SASS)
  • JavaScript (or CoffeeScript or TypeScript)
  • Experience with backend languages is a plus (Node.js, php, perl, ruby on rails, etc.)



  • ​React, Angular Js, Meteor.js, Vue.js, Ember.js ou Aurelia (a plus)
  • Node.js, webpack, gulp, grunt (a plus)



  • Knowledge of major debugging tools
  • WebStorm, Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, etc.
  • Versioning tools (git, svn, etc.)

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