The Lead Programmer is responsible for the development of a project from programming to integration. He/she must direct and supervise the programming operations and the module integration on each project he/she leads. Applicants must have experience and a strong grasp of C#, vector mathematics and (ideally) know how to work with the Unity engine.

You have management abilities (time, staff and tasks) and are able to do project evaluations? You have a passion for video games and are polyvalent? You are good at adapting your product to the needs of your clients and are proactive? You are a natural leader and like team work? You have five years experience and a recognized diploma as a programmer? Then you might be just the person we need!!!


  • C# mastery and diverse engines


  • 5+ years experience in app development (video games an asset)
  • Structured
  • Constant code quality
  • Good vulgarization skills
  • Good team work
  • Able to use other people‚Äôs code
  • Recognized diploma
  • Adaptability
  • Knowledge and interest for video games
  • Good stress management capabilities


  • Having developed games on various mobile consoles
  • Mastery of game engines, Unity in particular.

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