• One Button Sports

    Namco Bandai Games and Sarbakan just launched One Button Sports for iOS!

  • Get Gilbert for Mobile

    Campbell and Sarbakan release Get Gilbert for Mobile

  • Playmobil Dragons

    Take to the skies on the back of your dragon and challenge dangerous ninja fighters and mighty dragons!

  • AdvenChewers

    Harness the mighty power of bubble gum in a high-flying adventure from Warner Bros.!

  • B.O.B.'s Super Freaky Job

    DreamWorks Animation and Adrenaline,are bringing some monstrous fun to mobile devices!

  • Faites-moi confiance

    Sarbakan collaborate to the TV show!

  • Black Out

    A new breed of prize merchandizer!

  • Motley Blocks

    Motley Blocks is the Gaming App of the Day on Kotaku!

  • Lazy Raiders for iOS

    It will spin your world!

  • Popeye Slots

    Coming soon!

  • Formula Cartoon: Touch 'N' Go

    Start your engines, Cartoon Network fans, because Formula Cartoon Touch 'N' Go is here!

  • Banzai Blade

    Slash into action with Banzai Blade from Cartoon Network!

  • Zombro

    Detach a lovable zombie’s body parts so that he can travel across the US to find his brainzzzz!

Photo: New Arcade Game Video ! JetPack Joyride Arcade Video Redemption Game from Adrenaline Amusements - 2014 BOSA GOLD MEDAL WINNER ! See the video at : <a href=

Sarbakan collaborated with Adrenaline Amusements to develop Jet Pack Joyride Arcade Video Redemption Game, the 2014 BOSA GOLD MEDAL WINNER! 

Watch the video!

2014-01-23 13 43 03-One Button Sports on the App Store on iTunesNamco Bandai Games and Sarbakan just launched One Button Sports for iOS! With One Button Sports, it's just you, the game-and a button.

Read more...


Campbell and Sarbakan are bringing the famous Goldfish to mobile devices with today’s release of Get Gilbert for iOS and Android (on the USA Market)!


Read more...

gsnGSN & Sarbakan has released High Stakes Black Jack for iOS! High Stakes Black Jack has been included in the successful GSN Casino – Wheel of Fortune Slots, Video Bingo and more app! It’s Free, check it out HERE!


Read more...

BOB Icon smallDreamWorks Animation (Nasdaq: DWA) and Adrenaline, are bringing some monstrous fun to mobile devices with today’s release of B.O.B.‘s Super Freaky Job for iOS and Android, featuring the gang from Monsters vs. Aliens! Help B.O.B. on a gravity-defying quest around Area Fifty-Something by spinning and controlling the world around the indestructible gelatinous hero! Check it out on  iTunes and on Google Play!


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment et Sarbakan today released its AdvenChewers App for iOS. Players Harness the Mighty Power of Bubble Gum as they Soar Across Cityscapes, Above Mountains, and into Volcanoes – Using Magic Bubblegum!

FMC Square

For all you game-show fans out there: Sarbakan recently collaborated with the Groupe TVA, the television division of Québecor Média Inc., to develop 20 games for the television show, Faites-moi confiance.

Read more...

Cover artAugust 30, 2013 – Playmobil and Sarbakan just released Playmobil Dragons, an endless runner game that brings together the four elemental nations, Fire, Ice, Storm, and Rock, in a battle against the evil Fifth nation, which is threatening to destroy everything in its march for ultimate world domination.

Read more...

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Fortean Claims (les aventures de Billy Bob)
À la découverte de la francophonie
Chaussez vos BF Goodrich
Cauchemar – SRC 2
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Tonka Game
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Chutes & Ladders
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Barney the dinosaur
Arthur LC
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